Building Relationships – Our most important service

You are not just a number to us.  You are a person, and you have a unique set of life circumstances and financial goals.  Our approach begins with that premise and the understanding that, first and foremost, we look to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients.  We take time to listen to your needs, concerns, worries and goals.  Only after understanding our clients, are we able to offer advice that will serve them.


Financial Planning

From the initial “discovery” stage of our relationship, we then develop a comprehensive financial plan.  A plan that is unique to you, our client, and both your short and long-term goals.  Through the relationship-building we have already begun to develop, we are able to have in-depth conversations and explore various “what if” scenarios to determine how best to achieve your goals, while using robust planning software.



This is where the “rubber meets the road”, so to speak.  It’s great once a financial plan has been established, but then what?  This is where we apply the knowledge and expertise we have gained as members of the BAM Alliance by building a portfolio based on peer-reviewed market research.  That may call for using our dedicated fixed income team, to help find ways to balance the risk taken in equities while also trying to protect against inflation.  We will also, as needed, work as your “financial quarterback” by working with attorneys and other advisors on your overall estate and financial plan. 

None of this happens in a vacuum.  Unlike most advisors, we are also CPAs.  That means, even though an implementation plan might call for selling all current positions and diversifying into other asset classes, we never do so without first considering the tax impact, and when adverse, develop a compromise that helps achieve both goals as quickly and less-costly as possible.


Ongoing support

Did we say we are about relationships?  Any good relationship requires continual feedback and input.  Once we have learned about you and your needs, developed and implemented a financial plan, we are not done, and in many ways our work has just begun.  We will continue to meet with you regularly to update the plan for life events or changes in your goals. We also monitor your portfolio and, when necessary, rebalance according to our plan.  We will remain committed to be your first point of contact with your financial needs.